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LightRay! Young African Women in Media Leadership Series: “Women should not settle for less” – Ijeoma Okereke-Adagba

For Ijeoma Okereke-Adagba, 2024 is a year she wants to engage with so much energy and passion. Her inner drive stems from being more intentional about her career and personal growth like never before – she’s a girl on fire!

But what’s her focus? She intends to grow partnerships, strengthen her networks and relationships while on the look out for opportunities that will continue to help her raise the bar for herself.

In this special LightRay! Young Women in Media Leadership Series of the African and Global Women in Media Leadership Initiative by LightRay!, Ijeoma Okereke-Adagba takes us on her journey as she talks about how very positive she is about more big wins for the year. Enjoy the insights she shares with a sip of your favourite juice.

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LightRay! Young African Women in Media Leadership series: Meet Elizabeth Osayande

Elizabeth Osayande is bold. She takes on ideas that are five times her size and runs with it. A Freelance Journalist with close to nine years in the media space, her moniker, Iyaloja, as she covers the education beat with the Vanguard Newspaper Limited sticks on her like cheese on pizza.

On the record, she has successfully mentored eight interns. She is the founder of Freelancers Network, FFN formerly known as Female Freelancers Federation – a platform that sees to the uplifting of Freelancers especially women, via collaboration, networking, and providing valuable support for one another. The platform also organises monthly media training where veterans come to train and share their experiences. To date, the platform have successfully trained over 200 freelancers including male and female.

The door is open for you to enjoy this convo with us. Come on right in.

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