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The Assault on Facts: How Misinformation and External Forces Threaten Journalism in Nigerian

“In the digital era, the democratization of information has empowered millions worldwide, breaking down traditional barriers to access and sharing. Digital platforms have further amplified this freedom, allowing users to personalize and engage with content on an unprecedented scale. This shift has challenged the dominance of conventional news media, reducing their vulnerability to censorship and manipulation by oppressive regimes and special interests.

However, the unchecked proliferation of digital content has also enabled the spread of misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, and conspiracy theories on a massive scale. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and chatbots has exponentially increased the reach and influence of these harmful narratives, posing significant threats to informed decision-making, social cohesion, and democratic values.

As we navigate this complex landscape, it’s essential to recognize the critical role of responsible journalism in combating the erosion of truth and promoting a well-informed public discourse. By embracing innovative storytelling formats, fact-checking initiatives, and collaborative reporting efforts, the news media can reclaim its role as a trusted guardian of fact-based information and a champion of democratic accountability.”

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Breathing New Life to Museums in Africa: a Call to Safeguarding African’s Cultural Legacies

Africa has only 900 museums, with Nigeria contributing just 52 national museums, 44 state owned museums and 100 private owned museums. In stark contrast, the United States boasts 35,000 museums, and Europe is 15,000.

Across the world, African cultural artefacts, paintings, sculpture, and cultural expressions adorn the guilded cages and box glasses of museums.

The preservation of African arts, museums, and culture is a matter of utmost importance. Our cultural heritage is the fabric that binds us together as a continent, and it is our responsibility to ensure its survival for future generations.

In this special feature by the E-in-C, Ejiro Umukoro and correspondent Collins Odigie Ojiehanor, an initiative by LightRay! Media, we identify and address the gaps, threats, and solutions for the preservation and significance of African museums with some of the best minds in the arts and culture landcaspe.

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Air Quality Alert: Lagos on Vigilance as Pollution Hits Crisis Levels, Threatens Millions

In a stark revelation on the nature of air quality in Lagos, findings revealed the alarming extent of air pollution in Lagos. In a 15-kilometer run from Maryland to Ikeja which not only brought community together but also collected real-time data, revealing no areas with good air quality and highlighting severe pollution along major routes, the findings, with air quality ranging from moderate to very unhealthy air, underscored the urgent need for comprehensive action to combat the hazardous air conditions threatening the health of Lagos residents.

By Collins Odigie Ojiehanor

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Reps Investigates Crackdown on Journalists in Nigeria Amid #DontPoliceMySpeech Campaign

The protest, a testament to the power of unity and collective action, sent a clear message to the government: that the intimidation and harassment of journalists will no longer be tolerated. The arbitrary arrests, detentions, and harassment of journalists have become all too familiar in Nigeria, with many facing trumped-up charges and intimidation tactics for simply doing their job.

By Collins Odigie Ojiehanor

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Public Health at Risk: Lagos Moves to Address Medical Shortage and Environmental Concerns Amid Rapid Urbanization

. . .30,000 medical doctors necessary to meet its healthcare needs.

As Africa contends with the challenges of rapid urbanization and industrialization, air quality management has become a critical public health and environmental concern. With cities expanding at an unprecedented pace and industrial activities intensifying, the continent faces a pivotal moment where sustainable development must be balanced with the imperative of safeguarding air quality.

Across Africa, air pollution levels are rising alarmingly, posing significant health risks to millions of residents. Chief pollutants, including particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, and ozone, are increasingly being detected in urban and peri-urban areas. These pollutants, emanating from sources such as vehicular emissions, industrial discharges, open burning of waste, and domestic cooking practices, contribute to a toxic atmospheric cocktail that threatens respiratory health and exacerbates climate change.

By Ejiro Umukoro and Collins Odigie Ojiehanor

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