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Parents, CSOs urge Gov Oborewori to not only suspend but also sack Provost Oyovwi of College of Education, Warri

The increase in reports of assault and abuse within the sacred grounds of the academia by lecturers and their adminstrators is no longer news. What is news though, is that many of them get away with such abuse of power where they weild unimaginable influence and the code of “see no evil, speak no evil” is the mantra they live by.

As citizens’ awareness heightens about their rights alongside the domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPPA), parents and students alike are no longer keeping silent. The proverbial knee on the neck that leads to wailing: “I can not breathe”, is a shackle guardians and wards no longer can bear.

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My Report Women Female Leadership Programme and how my media career journey began – Folashade Ogunrinde, FRLP Awardee

In this interview with us at LightRay Media where we bring to the fore the extraordinary tales of women in media as we navigate the space of Nigerian women in Media in this project series, we meet Folashade Ogunrinde who dropped some jewels! She says, “You’ll come across people who would try to make you doubt your ability, but never permit that!” You hear a comment like that and you see passion and fire. You see drive and grit. You know that when you look at Folashade’s bookworm face, there’s more deeper within than meets the eyes.

And we found more! Enjoy the read.

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My Media Journey: There are no male or female on the job, we are all journalists – Funke Fayemi, Chief Producer, Voice of Nigeria

In this Special Exclusive Interview with us at LightRay Media, we have a long historical tete-a-tete with Olufunke Fayemi an outstanding multiple award winning development journalist, gender advocate and Chief Producer with Voice of Nigeria on our special project series on Women in Media in Nigeria. She takes us on a nostalgic journey where she evokes buried memories of a time past in Nigeria’s media history when many who were at the cusp of that media evolution will hit their fits on their laps with raucous laughter as the memories of the good old media days flood in! Enjoy this ride with us as we uncover what makes Fayemi tick. Wait for it… you won’t see it coming.

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