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World Radio Day: My media story and romance with radio – Vanessa Ukamaka

Amidst the digital revolution sweeping through media landscapes, a wave of young journalists both within and beyond university campuses is harnessing innovative storytelling techniques to captivate today’s highly distracted audience. These emerging reporters are reshaping narratives into multimedia experiences, captivating both young and old in ways unprecedented in the annals of media history.

Yet, as the information age unfolds, these budding media professionals face a daunting landscape. With the proliferation of deep fakes, viral misinformation, and echo chambers, they navigate through a maze of data mining and information overload. Adapting to this new reality, they employ novel strategies to engage audiences who curate their news consumption within personalized bubbles.

Celebrating World Radio Day on February 13th, LightRay! Media shines a spotlight on the remarkable journey of Vanessa Ukamaka Richard Bassey, a vibrant and ambitious young journalist. In an exclusive interview, we delve into her insights and experiences as part of our special series: “Young African Women in Media Leadership.”

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