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Beyond Textbooks: Punch Foundation, Historians, American Corner, Academics stress importance of Cartooning on Educational Development in Nigeria

For many, the word “cartoon” evokes caricatures that tend to prompt laughter when captured with creativity and punch.

However, journalists have come to understand that while a picture says a thousand words, cartoons evoke powerful emotions that inspire or trigger both intended and unintended outcomes.

Akin Lasekan is recognized as the first cartoonist in Nigeria, having worked with the West African Pilot newspaper. It’s interesting to note that in 1908, “Fantasmagorie,” considered by animation historians as the world’s first cartoon, was released.

As the power of cartoons evolved, they became established as a vital force within the political struggle to liberate Nigeria from British colonization.

Today, editorial journalism recognizes that sketching and cartooning deserve a prime spot in Nigeria’s educational development, as captured by Jimoh’s reporting for LightRay! Media.

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LightRay! Books and Literary Society: Prof Soyinka @90 and Why CORAVille is the Rave for Young and Experienced Writers

In the age of AI and digital access to books, the reading culture and manner of book consumption continues to be a talking point. Audio books and video dramatisation or reading of books is now the rave. For eco-friendly champions, though, it would seem printed books is a clash on saving the trees and our planet.

What about mobile libraries? Will libraries survive this onslaught of digital natives and their consumers whose style of consumption of texts is different from hundreds of generations before them? That’s exactly what this edition on LightRay! Books and Literary Society focuses on.

By Ejiro Umukoro

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NIJ Provost Commends Omojuyigbe’s Latest Addition to Nigeria’s Media Literary Canon

Nigeria’s news media literary scene is developing and evolving. And few news reporters, editors and publishers are beginning to understand the priceless nature of documenting news media histories and stories in Nigeria: the good, the bad, the ugly. In this Special edition, LightRay! Media unveils the writing masterpiece of one of Nigeria’s news giant, Dr. Dele Omojuyigbe, Deputy Provost, Nigerian Institute of Journalism.

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