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EdTech Meets Innovation: Abuja to Host Mastercard Foundation Inaugural Conference 2024

By Collins Odigie Ojiehanor for LightRay! Media.

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Education and technology are rapidly transforming the African continent, creating unprecedented opportunities for growth and development. From tech hubs to innovative educational initiatives in rural areas, Africa is harnessing the power of technology to bridge educational gaps and propel its youth into the future.

In a recent development to harness the power of technology to proffer solutions to educational challenges in Africa, the Mastercard Foundation, through its Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning, is set to host its inaugural EdTech Conference in Abuja. The biennial conference, organized in partnership with the Federal Government of Nigeria will hold from July 8 to 10, 2024, at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja, Nigeria.
According to Mastercard Foundation, the inaugural EdTech Conference aim to address the critical intersection of education and technology across the African continent.

In a statement, the foundation emphasized that in line with the African Union’s Year of Education, the 2024 Mastercard Foundation EdTech Conference is themed “Education Technology for Resilient and Inclusive Learning in Africa.”

Investments in digital infrastructure, e-learning platforms, and educational technologies are not only enhancing access to quality education but are also fostering a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and professionals.

Some of the key topics to be discussed during the conference will be: Strategic Collaboration for Inclusive EdTech Innovation, Young Africans Advancing Education in Africa, Investment Challenges and Opportunities in African EdTech, State of EdTech Ecosystem in Africa.

With the theme underscoring the importance of leveraging technology to create resilient education systems that can withstand disruptions and ensure inclusive access to quality learning for all students, conversations will center on the current state of the EdTech ecosystem, emerging trends, the role of EdTech in solving Africa’s educational challenges, and policies needed to foster an enabling environment for technology-enabled innovation in education.

The conference will gather a diverse array of stakeholders from over 20 countries. Attendees will include young leaders, policymakers, EdTech pioneers, tech hubs, entrepreneurs, telecom companies, development partners, academics, and representatives from learning institutions.
The wide-ranging participation aims to foster a rich exchange of ideas and collaborative efforts to tackle Africa’s educational challenges through innovative technological solutions. The dynamic intersection of education and technology is set to redefine Africa’s socio-economic landscape, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for millions across the continent.

The foundation highlighted that the conference will be live-streamed on multiple platforms to ensure broad accessibility and engagement.



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