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Journalism in the Shadows of Truth: My Story

A Perspective.

In this special Perspective Features by LightRay! Media, we invite journalists to tell their stories in the line of duty. We explore the themes, scenes, circumstances, and vulnerabilities that makes them review and reevaluate what Journalism means in the age of AI, clique bait, disinformation big money market, as we ask: Is Journalism Achieving its Aims?

In this Edition, Roland Bayode shares a profound insight from which we begin this piece: “At the core of journalism lies a profound axiom: “News is what someone wants suppressed. Everything else is advertising.

In the midst of tumultuous times, journalists stand as sentinels of truth, warranting our steadfast support and gratitude.

But what do you think?

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Exposing the Dark Truth: Ejiro Umukoro’s Undercover Investigation Reveals Shocking Recruitment of Young Girls into Cultism

Cultism remains a pervasive issue in Nigerian secondary schools, affecting both male and female students. However, the aggressive drive to recruit more young female students in secondary schools across Nigeria has hit its tipping point as John Maxwell in his behavioural book, “The Tipping Point” would describe a critical human phenomenon that has turned into a vice or menace.

Benita Wabawonku, an ND Campus Reporter writes more on the interview at TV360 with Lady E Ejiro Umukoro, the investigative journalist who uncovered the aggressive recruitment of young female students into cultism and gansterism.

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Street Food: A Tasty Treat or a Toxic Trap? Balancing Convenience with Public Health

. . . As Nigeria’s Economic Woes Worsen, Citizens Turn to Street Food Amidst Soaring Inflation and Regulatory Vacuum.

In a country grappling with economic crisis, runaway inflation, and rampant governance failures, Nigerians are increasingly resorting to street food as a desperate measure to sustain themselves. With the formal economy in shambles and regulatory frameworks in disarray, the allure of readily available and affordable street food has become a bitter sweet reality for many.

As the purchasing power of citizens continues to dwindle, the demand for street food has skyrocketed, forcing buyers to overlook concerns about safety and hygiene in pursuit of a filling meal. The proliferation of street food vendors, unregulated and unlicensed, has become a stark reminder of the government’s failure to address the socio-economic woes plaguing the nation.

In this investigative report, we delve into the world of street food in Nigeria, exposing the dire consequences of poor governance, economic mismanagement, and the human cost of a nation in crisis.

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