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Exposing the Dark Truth: Ejiro Umukoro’s Undercover Investigation Reveals Shocking Recruitment of Young Girls into Cultism

Cultism remains a pervasive issue in Nigerian secondary schools, affecting both male and female students. However, the aggressive drive to recruit more young female students in secondary schools across Nigeria has hit its tipping point as John Maxwell in his behavioural book, “The Tipping Point” would describe a critical human phenomenon that has turned into a vice or menace.

Benita Wabawonku, an ND Campus Reporter writes more on the interview at TV360 with Lady E Ejiro Umukoro, the investigative journalist who uncovered the aggressive recruitment of young female students into cultism and gansterism.

By Benita Wabawonku. ND Student, NIJ.

Notable Nigerian investigative journalist, Ejiro “Lady E” Umukoro, has unveiled the inspiration behind her book, “Distortion”, which stems from her groundbreaking undercover report exposing the aggressive recruitment of young female students into cultism in Delta State and across Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview with TV360, Nigeria’s Premier Online News, Umukoro revealed that her investigation into the shocking story of a 15-year-old girl’s involvement in cultist initiation sparked her passion for investigative journalism. The girl was forced to have sexual relationships with 10 to 14 boys as part of the initiation ritual.

“They called it ‘initiation’, when in fact it was gang rape.” Umukoro clarifies. Her courageous undercover work exposed the disturbing truth about the aggressive recruitment of young female students by cultists into their gang, resulting in widespread recognition, including an award from the Report Women Leadership Programme by Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism.

The story’s impact was immense, with schools, churches, the Ministry of Education and Delta State Government getting involved. The story received 20,000 hits when it was first reported and amplified by the News agency of Nigeria and other new and legacy media. Umukoro’s work led to the rescue of over 150 young people from cultism.

With the support of the magistrate court and anti-cult agency, her investigation revealed how those who want to renounce their membership cam do so using appropriate legal instrument provided by the Margistrate Courts across Nigeria to save children who have been misled to join cult gangs. Umukoro also provided details on how the Anti-Cult Unit can also aid many others who desire to denounce their membership can do so.

Her book, “Distortion,” is a testament to her unwavering dedication to uncovering the truth and fighting for justice. The Ministry of Education and the Delta State Government’s endorsement of DISTORTION as the literature of study for secondary schools is a testament to both the quality of literary work and her advocacy in ensuring students are empowered with the appropriate knowledge and insights they need to navigate some of the vices and social landmines adolescents are exposed to within schools.


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