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‘Eat More Protein, Avoid Processed Snacks and Fast Food,’ Experts Advice 26.6 Million Nigerians with Poor Nutritional Habits

Nigeria stands at a critical juncture, where concerted efforts are essential to alleviate hunger and protect its most vulnerable citizens. Conflict, insecurity, rising inflation, and the climate crisis have converged to create a dire situation in Nigeria. According to projections, a staggering 26.5 million people across the country are expected to face acute hunger during the June-August 2024 lean season. This represents a significant increase from the 18.6 million people who were already food insecure at the end of 2023.

Children are particularly vulnerable to food insecurity. Approximately 6 out of the 17 million food-insecure Nigerians are children under 5 years old, residing in states like Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Sokoto, Katsina, and Zamfara. Acute malnutrition poses a serious risk to their survival. In the BAY states alone, the number of children suffering from acute malnutrition is expected to rise from 1.74 million in 2022 to 2 million in 2023.

Nigeria’s future hangs in the balance, waiting for a chorus of voices to rise and rewrite its story. In this special feature on development communications strategies to address these issues, LightRay! Media’ Editor-in-Chief, Ejiro Umukoro and correspondent Collins Odigie Ojiehanor look at the issues, the drivers and immediate solutions.

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Nigeria’s Food Security Dilemma: Lagos in the Grip of Malnutrition, Unmet Nutritional Needs under the Shadows of Hunger

In a world where sustenance has become a luxury, John Jayewole’s words resonated deeply. “Who’s looking for nutrients nowadays? You just eat because you need food to survive.” The harsh reality of Nigeria’s food crisis hit home as he shared his own struggle. “I wanted to buy eggs this morning, but the vendor asked for 500 naira for just three eggs. I had to walk away.”

In Africa’s most populous nation, the escalating cost of food has left millions grappling with hunger, their dignity and hope dwindling with each passing day. Inflation has taken hold, and the effects are devastating. Mothers sacrifice their own meals to feed their children, while farmers watch in despair as their harvests fail to meet even the most basic needs.

In rural communities, the once-thriving fields now lie barren, food stores empty. Families who once relied on subsistence farming now find themselves at the mercy of a capricious climate and an unyielding economy. Their lives are dictated by the unpredictability of it all, their futures hanging in the balance.

The search for sustenance has become a daily struggle, a constant reminder of the fragility of life. As the food crisis deepens, so too does the sense of desperation. In a world where food is a basic human right, the people of Nigeria are being forced to fight for survival, their dignity and hope hanging by a thread.

Similarly, Global Hunger Index (GHI), showed that Nigeria is the 16th most hungry country in the world among countries with sufficient data to calculate the 2023 GHI scores.

By Collins Odigie Ojiehanor.

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Exposing the Dark Truth: Ejiro Umukoro’s Undercover Investigation Reveals Shocking Recruitment of Young Girls into Cultism

Cultism remains a pervasive issue in Nigerian secondary schools, affecting both male and female students. However, the aggressive drive to recruit more young female students in secondary schools across Nigeria has hit its tipping point as John Maxwell in his behavioural book, “The Tipping Point” would describe a critical human phenomenon that has turned into a vice or menace.

Benita Wabawonku, an ND Campus Reporter writes more on the interview at TV360 with Lady E Ejiro Umukoro, the investigative journalist who uncovered the aggressive recruitment of young female students into cultism and gansterism.

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EXCLUSIVE: Rampant Ram Theft and Price Gouging Mar Eid-el-Kabir Celebrations in Nigeria

. . . As Nigerians mark Eid-el-Kabir, a News Investigation reveals widespread price inflation and theft of rams, traditionally sacrificed during the festival. Videos of naked men paraded for stealing rams aimed to deter the practice, but market sellers are accused of overpricing, fueling forced inflation.

Our investigation uncovered shocking price disparities: rams bought for N80,000 in Katsina were resold for N250,000 in Abuja, N600,000 in Warri and Benin, and N750,000 in Lagos. This exposé comes as Nigerians struggle with economic hardship, casting a shadow over the festivities.

Our reporter, Collins Odigie Ojiehanor, has the full story on how soaring food prices and economic struggles are dampening Eid-el-Kabir celebrations in Nigeria.

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