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Beyond Textbooks: Punch Foundation, Historians, American Corner, Academics stress importance of Cartooning on Educational Development in Nigeria

For many, the word “cartoon” evokes caricatures that tend to prompt laughter when captured with creativity and punch.

However, journalists have come to understand that while a picture says a thousand words, cartoons evoke powerful emotions that inspire or trigger both intended and unintended outcomes.

Akin Lasekan is recognized as the first cartoonist in Nigeria, having worked with the West African Pilot newspaper. It’s interesting to note that in 1908, “Fantasmagorie,” considered by animation historians as the world’s first cartoon, was released.

As the power of cartoons evolved, they became established as a vital force within the political struggle to liberate Nigeria from British colonization.

Today, editorial journalism recognizes that sketching and cartooning deserve a prime spot in Nigeria’s educational development, as captured by Jimoh’s reporting for LightRay! Media.

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Assault and Detention of Female Journalist, Kasarahchi Aniagolu, a threat to Free Press

Press freedom and social responsibility go hand in hand. When journalists are assaulted, oppressed, and denied their constitutionally enshrined job by security agents, it constitutes a serious breach of both their private and public fundamental human rights, to which Nigeria is a signatory to international media treaties. Section 22 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) empowers the press to hold the government accountable to the people, thereby distinguishing journalists as those who perform an essential duty to the nation.

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President Tinubu’s Directive to Governors: Crack Down on Incompetence, Empower Local Farmers, Invest in State Policing

Hoarders Grip Nigeria’s Economy: Echoes of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Amid IMF Loan Fallout”

As hoarding infiltrates Nigeria’s trade and commerce, reminiscent of Ayn Rand’s dystopian depiction in “Atlas Shrugged,” the nation grapples with echoes of economic collapse. The shadow of IMF loan conditions looms large, exacerbating the devaluation of the Naira. Will Nigeria take decisive action to extricate itself from the economic quagmire it finds itself in?

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