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LightRay! Media DEVCOMM: Secret Cult Gangs

The Shadows of Asaba: A Study on Female Gangsterism and Cultism and Its Impact on Young Girls – A Communications Development Intervention

Secret Cult Gangs: The Disturbing Rise of Female Secondary School Members in Delta –
Causes, Consequences, and Mitigation Strategies.

Cultism, also known as secret societies or confraternities, has become a persistent issue in Nigerian secondary schools. While it affects both male and female students, this paper focuses specifically on the cultism drive among young women. We explore the reasons behind the increase in female cultists, analyze real-life examples, and propose strategies for addressing this menace. Our investigation draws from an undercover investigative report done. The work also includes academic references, institutional data, and legal frameworks to provide a comprehensive understanding of the problem and solutions.

Cultism remains a pervasive issue in Nigerian secondary schools, affecting both male and female students. However, the aggressive drive to recruit more young female students in secondary schools across Nigeria has hit its tipping point as John Maxwell in his behavioural book, “The Tipping Point” would describe a critical human phenomenon that has turned into a vice or menace.

This research work by LightRay! Media’s Executive Director, Lady E Ejiro Umukoro, investigates the drivers behind the aggressive recruitment of adolescence into cults and proposes a development communication intervention to protect them from becoming easy targets.

By understanding the root causes and implementing effective strategies, we can create safer educational environments for female students.

However, the aggressive recruitment of young teenage girls into gang cults demands targeted interventions.

This DEVCOMM paper analysis explores development communication strategies that addressed these gaps, which led to a school’s action in protecting one of its students, Akudo, including over 150 other adolescents from being recruited. Specifically, the study developed a series of effective DEVCOMM Strategies aimed at preventing female students from joining gang cults. By understanding the root causes and implementing effective approaches, we can create safer educational environments for young women.


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