Friday, April 19, 2024
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Unlock your AI Knowledge

Upskill your AI knowledge.

Whether you’re a media trainer or a journalist looking to enhance your understanding of AI, there are valuable resources at your disposal. Check out these recorded webinars available on YouTube and explore the articles below discussing how you can effectively utilize AI tools in your newsrooms.

Recorded webinars (google headings):
NPC Journalism Institute: AI + News: How journalists can and should start using AI in their work.

CPJ- What Generative AI means For Journalists and Journalism.

Knight Center webinar: Generative AI: What journalists need to know about ChatGPT and other tools.

Quintype: The Reporters New Best Friend – Generative AI in Journalism.

ICFJ: ChatGPT, Journalism and AI Storytelling
CFR Local Journalists Webinar: Reporting on AI and the Future of Journalism.

AI Webinar: The ABCs of Generative AI
Associated Press: Webinar: Journalism in a world of smart machines.

The Deadline Club: AI & the Future of Journalism (Panel Discussion)

Check out these articles:
Murf Resources: Six Essential AI Tools for Modern Journalists.

The Fix: 9 AI tools to save journalists time and money.

Twipe Digital Publishing: 10 Ways Journalists Use AI Tools in the Newsroom.

Nieman Reports: Smart Ways Journalists Can Exploit Artificial Intelligence.

Google Blog: How AI is generating change in newsrooms worldwide.

AI tools:
CPJ Toolbox – AI Tools for Journalists


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