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LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy Document

“Unlike traditional guidelines, this policy is a dynamic response to the evolving dynamics within the media landscape. It equips media organizations with the tools and insights needed to ensure gender mainstreaming and cultivate a gender-balanced media environment. By fostering fairness, diversity, and equity in news reporting, the policy advocates for inclusivity at all levels of media management.” – President, Guild of Radio Managers (Private).

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My Media Journey: A Society Without a Great Press is a Dead Society – Tope Omogbolagun, NMMA and DAME Awardee

With her current role as a Senior Correspondent reporting the Nigeria Senate at National Assembly for the Punch Newspaper, Tope Omogbolagun spares no punches. Pun intended. Her strong belief that a dead media breeds a ‘deader’ society rings true in a culture where lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law is no longer the pastime of military dictatorships, but now a fixture of a society supposedly democratic. In this Special Exclusive Nigerian Women in Media Project Series by LightRay Media, she provides clear cut solutions on media management, becoming a poster girl for young female journalists, and much more. Shall we begin?

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My Media Story: As an Introvert, Photography in Activism Allows my Curiosity and Creativity Intersect – Nelly Ating

Women in Photography are rare. And even more rare are women who combine photojournalism with activism. For Nelly Ating, there was no way she was going to pass up on this fantastic form of creative expression.

An as art form, photography requires a keen eye, a deeply creative soul and a touch of artistic craft in its manifestation. Photo journalism is about storytelling. Every pixel, resolution, angle of short, ISO, etc., matters. The devil, as they say, is in the details. Your attention to its art form captures the maxim: A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.

When you sit with Nelly Ating, who is a PhD student and Teaching Assistant at Cardiff University, you come away feeling like you’ve uncovered a goldmine of ideas and approach to life. In this exclusive interview with us at LightRay Media for this Special Edition on Nigeria Women in Media #NWiM Project, she allows us experience photography as she likes to depict it.

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My Media Journey: Journalism is not a Tea Party, Competence and Integrity Matters – Stella Iyaji, Managing Editor

The Nigeria Media landscape unarguably is a male-dominated field. From the era of Iwe Irohin Fun Awon Ara Egba Ati Yoruba published on November 23, 1859 by Rev. Henry Townsend to recent reports that shows men occupy 84% of the top leadership, ownership and decision making positions while women only occupy 16-18% with a seat at the table. It is no wonder women entering the field of media and journalism have their work cut out for them.

In this Special Exclusive Edition of Nigeria Women in Media Project by LightRay Media, we sit down with Stella Iyaji, the Managing Editor at the Daily Trust Newspaper where she also liaise between reporters and management. Her responsibilities cuts across commissioning stories and ensuring they are delivered while constantly monitoring publications in the Daily Trust Newspaper to ensure that are in tandem with the ethics of the profession and core values of the paper. Her work requires that she also liaise between the company and other media organisations and clients, including sorting out trainings and nomination of staff members for training, amongst others. As secretary of the editorial board, she also helps coordinate editorial meetings and editorials.

But what is backstory to Stella Iyaji’s amazing career? We ask her exactly that.

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