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Women in Media Leadership: How personal branding, managing office politics, mentorship, seizing opportunities and pursuing your goals unflinchingly leads to more rewards and success – Mercy Abang

When Mercy Abang speaks, you listen. As a matter of fact, you naturally zone into her with a 360-degree focus. She’s an outstanding firebrand in journalism and a powerful storyteller. We go all the way to Berlin, Germany, in this inspiring journey with her in her leadership role for our Special LightRay! 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy drive, supported by Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, #ReportWomen and Gates Foundation, Abang gives deep insights on how to seize opportunities, manage office politics no matter where you find yourself; how to develop your mental health awareness skills, become more astute in the business of media and how using marketing and promotional skillset in selling your brand is a powerful way to get your foot in the door for more career growth, breakthroughs, and success stories. To enjoy this exclusive interview, turn out all distractions and focus on every line you read. You’ll be glad you did. That’s the magic of Abang!

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My Media Journey: Women in media must go out and seize career opportunities to break newsroom barriers – Justin Asishana

Justina Asishana is a Nigerian Woman in Media with a focus. Her love for Journalism and sharing her knowledge in the field is a passion she wears on her sleeves. As the Niger State Correspondent for The Nation Newspaper she has volunteered with several CSOs and NGOs especially those that are media-oriented. Her responsibilities as the Niger State Correspondent is to report daily happenings across Niger state while still carrying out investigative stories which are not particularly focused in Niger state. She is also a Fact-Checker. Today, she combines her seniour role as a correspondent alongside her passion for media and career development. In this Special LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Project supported by WSCIJ, Report Women and Gates Foundation, she take us on a remarkable journey into a land known more for its obscurity. Enjoy!

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LightRay Media holds Mastermind Masterclass for media practitioners in Delta

Since 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, LightRay Media began a special Mastermind Masterclass for campus, entry levels and professional media practitioners across Nigeria. Partnering with the Centre for Development and Democracy (CDD), it trained over 50 editors and sub editors on top legacy media in Nigeria. To bridge the training gap often experienced in the Niger Delta, particularly in Delta State, LightRay Media continues to train and mentor information officers, journalists, digital content creators, writers and documentary storytellers with a special 2023 Masterclass Enterprise.

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