Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Thoughts on Media Career Development from Lekan Otufodunrin

At LightRay Media, we believe that having a clear cut career strategic plan is the vision board every campus, entry-level journos and experienced media practitioners need. Here are Lekan Otufodunrin’s top tips.

In no particular order of importance, below are my thoughts this morning on how journalists can accomplish their desired career goals.

Don’t leave your media career development to chance.

You have to be intentional, plan and be deliberate to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

You must set clear career goals with timelines to know how well you are doing per time and what necessary adjustments you need to make.

Have short and long term goals.

Know what you need to do to achieve your aspirations and do them promptly.

Seek whatever support you need and get necessary qualifications, certifications and experience.

Apply for relevant opportunities and utilize lessons learnt.

Join media groups in your area of coverage and interest to benefit from resources, networking and engagements. Be as active as you can and take on responsibilities you have capacity for.

Attend trainings, conferences, workshops and webinars including paid ones it they are valuable. Priotise relevant ones. Don’t run from one conference to the other with clear goals of what you want to learn.

Share lessons you learnt or presentations you made at programmes in online posts to showcase your knowledge and attract invitation for upcoming programmes.

Don’t remain a perpetual participant at programmes, indicate interest to be a speaker if you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Audit your career regularly and be sure you are on course. It can sometimes be too late to get it right.

Learn complimentary skills that can enhance your career and offer services you can be paid for.

Know how to use social media professionally to project your accomplishments and attract commensurate benefits.

Think global and don’t be content with local accomplishments.


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