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Special Report: International Widows Day – Changing the Narrative of Women’s Identity and Economic Freedom

Did you know there are an estimated 258 million widows around the world, and nearly one in ten live in extreme poverty.

While many cultures force women to become tagged and identify with widowhood as a state of mind, at LightRay Media, we are deliberately choosing to retell and change this narrative in this report by giving the insights and background that has led many women to mistakenly assume widowhood as an identity, which it is not.

A widower, a man, is not seen to be identified with that tag. Men understand that it is simply a phase, an incident that does not have the power to hold them down. Women who lost their partners are encouraged to tap into their inner worthiness and confidence to rise above the incident and not become the incident.

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AWiN 2023: Ejiro Umukoro on Retelling Gender Based Stories using data and data visualisation tools to discover hidden stories

In November 2023, the African Women in Media will be hosting its 2023 Conference in Kigali, Rwanda. The Ignite Speaker for that Conference, Ejiro Umukoro, will be presenting a paper titled: Challenging the Narratives Around Gender-Based Storytelling in the light of her Pulitzer Centre Recognised Investigative Journalism series where she used statistics, data visualisation and insights to retell gender focused stories like never before done in any Nigeria News publication prior to Covid-19 pandemic. She reports on a pandemic within a pandemic, revealing stories, datasets and more that inspired a call to action both by the citizens as well as the legislative passage of the VAPP Bill into an Act (Violence Against Person Prohibition Act) by the Delta State Government.

Her Ignite Keynote Talk on how to retell gender stories intends to redefine how the media needs to review and ethically tell gender-based stories as they are without detracting from the real value of stories to create desired impact.

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My media Journey: Be assertive and intentional, don’t play the victim card, show why you are worth it – Azeezat Olaoluwa, BBC Senior Journalist

For Azeezat Olaoluwa, being assertive and intentional is a skillset every woman who wants to succeed in the media space has to cultivate and develop. Her commitment to a craft she never considered as a career option speaks more about how hidden gifts can be elusive to those who possesses it, yet go on to make a lot of difference.
In this Exclusive Interview with us at LightRay Media on the Nigeria Women in Media Project Series, she shows us how important in every professional move one makes, it has to contribute to one’s big overall career picture. She believes in not waiting for anyone to tell your story. So, sit back and enjoy this cruise as Azeezat Olaoluwa, a Seniour Journalist with the BBC News in West Africa, who tells original content for tv, radio and digital, narrates her own unique media journey.

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My Media Journey: It is Important to Show What You’re Capable of, Especially as a Female in this cut-throat Profession – Lolade Nwanze

Lolade is a formidable name within the Nigeria Media landscape, especially in a job where men have long stamped their career DNA. Her expertise cuts across the entire gamut of the media ecosystem. More recently, her career trajectory has taken her to the frontiers of Public Relations in the UK market as a Senior Account Manager at a Public Relations firm as she warms up to seize the day as is her usual style.

In this Exclusive Edition on Nigerian Women in Media Project Series by LightRay Media, we travel with her going back in time to her remarkable journey into the media and more. She tells us how bots are writing and reading stories to audiences, today, courtesy of AI. Is the new digital frontier going to be a tougher professional environment for media practitioners? Sit back and pop some corn while you enjoy the read.

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My Media Story: Sometimes, Journalists Should Stage a Walkout in Solidarity – Ámàká Okoyé, a Journalist on a Mission

Ámàká Okoyé is a moving ball on fire with spunk. Her energy, enthusiasm for life and her career is infectious as she touches everyone she meets, leaving you asking for more.
From covering the insurgency that began in the North East over a decade ago, which has taken on new dimensions, she takes us on a fast-paced media journey in a career that tells stories from across Nigeria, Africa, and to the rest of the world. A correspondent for DW, Deutsche Welle TV Germany, Ámàká Okoyé weaves a story like a thriller writer with a heart ❤️. In this Special Exclusive Interview with us at LightRay Media on the Nigerian Women in Media Project Series (#NWiMP), she takes us on her journey from her bushytail days to becoming an influential journalist of recon. Enjoy!

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My Media Story: Journalists Need to be Aware of Hidden Self-Sabotage and Impostor Syndrome Against their Career Actualisation – Bukola Coker, City People, WSCIJ Award Winner

Bukola Coker is a journalist whose gentle mien could easily fool you, but don’t be mistaken by it. As a presenter, reporter, and producer with Channels TV, her media trajectory across national TV stations in Nigeria is a blazing trail of success one media story at a time. An Award Winner of the Report Women Leadership Programme by the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, she takes us on her journey in the media space, how she tackles on-line harrasment, exposes how many journalists are their own self-saboteurs, and a wealth of other great tips in this Special Exclusive Series on Nigerian Women in Media Project by LightRay Media.

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My Media Journey: A Society Without a Great Press is a Dead Society – Tope Omogbolagun, NMMA and DAME Awardee

With her current role as a Senior Correspondent reporting the Nigeria Senate at National Assembly for the Punch Newspaper, Tope Omogbolagun spares no punches. Pun intended. Her strong belief that a dead media breeds a ‘deader’ society rings true in a culture where lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law is no longer the pastime of military dictatorships, but now a fixture of a society supposedly democratic. In this Special Exclusive Nigerian Women in Media Project Series by LightRay Media, she provides clear cut solutions on media management, becoming a poster girl for young female journalists, and much more. Shall we begin?

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