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To be a woman in leadership, you have to deliver and be consistent and pull up other women along – Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun

Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun’s command on radio gets you listening the first time you listen to her. She took on controversial topics and was not afraid in a courageous way to lay it straight when needed. From a dream when she was a young girl to become a lawyer, her path takes her exactly where her journey should be about. Currently the Head of Programmes, News Central, her skillset cuts across Corporate MC, Multimedia Broadcast Journalist, Media Consultant and Trainer.

As Head of Programmes, she oversees content, programming, scheduling, makeup, producers, video editors, graphics, library, and more. She also anchors on-air programmes, hosting the business show and exclusive interviews.

In this Special Exclusive Series of LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy Drive, she takes us on her remarkable journey in the media showing how important taking a career stock is a powerful way to reinvent one’s modest accomplishments, thoughts on new career trajectory(ies), and how to keep the passion alive. Why don’t you grab a seat and just travel with us in this interesting read, eh? (wink!)

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It takes a community that supports Women into Leadership Positions – Ugochi Oluigbo

Ugochi Oluigbo, is a passionate freelance environmental journalist recognised for her creative storytelling, insightful interviews, and engaging content around climate on TV and online. For Oluigbo, motherhood is a defining moment in a woman’s career trajectory. To excel and crash the glass ceiling, she explains women need all the support they can overcome imposed barriers to advance in their career. It takes a community of friends, familiar environment, spousal support, a great network of colleages and circle of influence she says to succeed, especially during the phase of early motherhood and parenthood.

Now learning French as her new language living in France, Oluigbo takes us on her remarkable journey in the media and the stories behind her many awards. One of the insights she shared with us is to always remember to draw the line between volunteerism and charging a fee as a financial changing mindset for more financial independence and success.

Grab a seat, pour some cool water into a glass and enjoy this special series of Women in Media Leadership Policy Drive supported by Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, #ReportWomen and Gates Foundation.

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Women in Media Leadership: How personal branding, managing office politics, mentorship, seizing opportunities and pursuing your goals unflinchingly leads to more rewards and success – Mercy Abang

When Mercy Abang speaks, you listen. As a matter of fact, you naturally zone into her with a 360-degree focus. She’s an outstanding firebrand in journalism and a powerful storyteller. We go all the way to Berlin, Germany, in this inspiring journey with her in her leadership role for our Special LightRay! 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy drive, supported by Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, #ReportWomen and Gates Foundation, Abang gives deep insights on how to seize opportunities, manage office politics no matter where you find yourself; how to develop your mental health awareness skills, become more astute in the business of media and how using marketing and promotional skillset in selling your brand is a powerful way to get your foot in the door for more career growth, breakthroughs, and success stories. To enjoy this exclusive interview, turn out all distractions and focus on every line you read. You’ll be glad you did. That’s the magic of Abang!

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The business of media matters, having the right model to do the work that needs to be done is how scaling happens – Anita Eboigbe

In this sit down with Anita Eboigbe on LightRay!’s 100 Women in Media Leadership Series supported by WSCIJ, #ReportWomen and Gates Foundation, she gives a rare insight into the business of media, the role of women in media and how the intersection between these matters in running a successful media.

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LightRay 100 Women in Leadership Virtual Summit: Empowering Women in Media

As Nigeria marks its decision to self-rule every October 1st, we at LightRay Media want to recognise and celebrate our Women in Media doing marvellous work behind and in front of the scenes, the impact they make in their role as storytellers of the news, their fight for justice, rights of humans: women, girls, children and men and their right to equity, equality in pay, promotions, opportunities, better welfare and more.

To mark Nigeria’s Decision to break away from the shackles of tyranny, rape and destruction of their cultural fabrics, their right to self rule and the need to push for the true hidden and untold African narratives, LightRay is hosting the first ever 100 Women in Newsrooms and The Media Virtual Leadership Summit coming up this week Friday, October 6th, 2023 as an Ode to also Champion the place of women leadership in the news room and media landscape.

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National Guild of Radio Managers Adopts LightRay! Media’s “100 Women in Media Leadership Policy”

Following the successful virtual summit of the LightRay Media’s 100 Women in Leadership Summit (#100WomeninMediaLeadership), key stakeholders in the Nigeria Media landscape have committed their buy-in and adoption of the policy across their media ecosystem and for the further advancement and positioning of women in leadership across the editorial board as decision makers in news editorial management, programming, gender mainstreaming, professional development and other opportunities.

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There is need to review the media framing and story-telling frameworks of gender-based violence

Thandi Bombi, a Rhodes University PhD candidate and AWiM23 Panellist, words mean things. In this piece with her, AWIN explores how media framing and story-telling frameworks of gender-based violence can make the right impact sought.

Bombi, will at the AWIN Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, share an article on media framing and story-telling frameworks of gender-based violence.

Enjoy the read!

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My Media Story: to become a leading woman in media, create a table for yourself and perfect your niche – Jackie Opara-Fatoye

When Jackie Opara-Fatoye was nominated for our LightRay 100 women in Leadership Project, we were thrilled! For us, that spoke a lot about how she has impacted her space. When you listen to her speak, you can tell how passionate a journalist, editor, journalism coach and media communications consultant she is. Her insights and tips for women in media are on target. While she bagged her first degree in Mass Communication from the Madonna University, Okija, Nigeria, she has gone on to study media management at Fray College, South Africa and numerous certificate courses in science journalism, data and solutions journalism. She is a fellow of the United States National Press Foundation, Fellow Association of British Science Writers Diversity Scholar, and the regional deputy editor for SciDev.Net, a science and development media organization in the United Kingdom.

Take a chair, grab a drink and enjoyed this interview ‘meal’ with us.

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My Media Journey: Women in media must go out and seize career opportunities to break newsroom barriers – Justin Asishana

Justina Asishana is a Nigerian Woman in Media with a focus. Her love for Journalism and sharing her knowledge in the field is a passion she wears on her sleeves. As the Niger State Correspondent for The Nation Newspaper she has volunteered with several CSOs and NGOs especially those that are media-oriented. Her responsibilities as the Niger State Correspondent is to report daily happenings across Niger state while still carrying out investigative stories which are not particularly focused in Niger state. She is also a Fact-Checker. Today, she combines her seniour role as a correspondent alongside her passion for media and career development. In this Special LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Project supported by WSCIJ, Report Women and Gates Foundation, she take us on a remarkable journey into a land known more for its obscurity. Enjoy!

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Media organisations should have equality policies that advance women into management – Strictly Speaking Veteran, Bimbo Oloyede

Age is, but, a number. That expression encapsulates Madam Bimbo Oloyede, who, despite having garnered three dozens and a quarter of dozen number to her existence on earth, continues to give younger women who are digital natives and digital adopters including the tech laggards a good run for their relevance, expertise, personal development and impact.

With over forty five years spanning her foray across the media landscape, Aunty Bimbo, as some of us fondly call her, adds her voice in this Special LightRay! 100 Women in Leadership Development Series along with other Women in the media calling on Media Owners and organisations to have better corporate governance systems in place that inspires a well-thought out workplace policy that enables women in media to stay relevant and advance in their careers with a view to increasing the staying power of more women into media leadership positions.

Come with us and let’s have a tea-table talk with an extraordinary witty storyteller, broadcaster and role model with incomparable impact.

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