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Tripartite Life Goals: SO&U Executive Director Udeme Ufot Shares His Passion at NIJ Forum

Reveals how fame, fortune and fun can be key indicators towards having success.

By Jimoh Elizabeth Oluwaseyi

“Our life story is a tapestry, woven with the threads of choices, experiences, and relationships. Each moment is a stitch, shaping the greater whole.”

This aptly describes the life journey of Udeme Ufot, Executive Director of SO&U Company and advertising icon, who was the guest speaker at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism’s (NIJ) professional forum on May 22, 2024, at Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos.

During his lecture, “Pursuing a Career in Advertising,” Mr. Ufot emphasized the importance of setting clear, well-defined goals early in life, as time is a limited resource that should not be squandered. He cautioned against procrastination, stating, “Don’t deceive yourself that you have time; you don’t, not even an hour. Every minute lost cannot be recovered. Understand that time is the most perishable commodity, and prioritize your goals accordingly.”

As the special guest and resource expert, Ufot shared deep insights about the compnay where he is the Executive Director of SO&U Company. As an he revealed his personal tripartite life goals and the lessons he learned while pursuing them.

During his lecture, “Pursuing a Career in Advertising,” Mr. Ufot emphasized the importance of setting clear goals early in life, as time is a limited resource. He encouraged young professionals to take risks, be willing to learn, and embrace meaningful relationships.

Photo shot: Administrators and PGD students of NIJ at the successful career discussion on advertising opportunities by Udeme Ufot, Exectuive Director SO&U.

Mr. Ufot shared his personal goals: Fame, Fortune, and Fun. He recounted how he left his comfort zone in Calabar to pursue his advertising career in Lagos, despite the initial challenges. He learned the importance of humility and stooping to conquer, which has been crucial to his success.

He also highlighted the need for professionals to have the right mentor and to be open to learning from others. Mr. Ufot’s experiences at INSIGHT and his later venture, SO&U, have taught him valuable lessons about hard work, humility, and the importance of taking risks, adding that, “it was the experiences he obtained from Lagos Business School and various professional associations that made me the youngest president of the advertising company in Nigeria.”

Ufot emphasized, “Your life story is written by you. You are the author. The pen is in your hand. The decisions you make and the actions you take write your story.”

Presentation of award by Gbenga Adefanye, NIJ Provost, to Ufot Udeme, Exectuive Director SO&U at the Nigeria Institute of Journalism Forum, Ogba, Lagos.

The professional forum was an insightful moment for both students and lecturers.
The Provost of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Mr Gbgenga Adefanye, appreciated the speaker for the session of impaction. Mrs Patricia Kalesanwo, the school registrar, Mrs Maureen Poopola- HOD of General Studies, Dr. Dele Omojuyigbe and other lecturers were also in attendance.

The Deputy Provost of the Institute, Dr. Boye Ola further urged the students to make themselves available for another inspiring session of the forum. He said, “this is a Professionals Forum Recharged, the beginning of a new beginning, don’t miss subsequent edition of the forum which will come up once in every month.”

The lecture ended following the Q&A session and exchange of pleasantries and presentation of gifts to the Ufot. The students were delighted to learn from the advertising icon for making himself available as a resource person.



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