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Human Rights Journalist Network partners with UN to train CSOs, Journalists

UDHR 2023: HRJN partners UN to hosts Human Rights Workshop.

As human rights issues across the world continues on the rise, the need for journalists and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to help mitigate this crisis can not be over emphasised as 2023 draws its curtains while the Israel-Palestine and Ukraine wars persists on its hills.

To tackle this gap, Human Rights Journalists Network Nigeria (HRJN) partners with the United Nations to provide a workshop for CSOs and journalists to equip them with the tools, mindsets, and skills required to achieve the goal of reporting on, and how to further mitigate human rights abuses.

In a statement, the Executive Director of Human Rights Journalists Network, Kehinde Adegboyega, announced a one-day Human Rights Workshop for Civil Society Organisations and Media practices on Human rights reporting and advocacy.

Scheduled for Monday, December 11 at the Dover Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, the workshop, according to him, is being hosted by HRJN, in partnership with the United Nations as part of activities commemorating this year’s Universal Declarations on Human Rights (UDHR) 75th Anniversary.

The announcement is contained in a statement issued on Sunday, November 26, 2023 by HRJN’s Head of Communications and Strategy, Bankole Shakirudeen Adeshina.

In the statement, Adegboyega said the workshop would provide refreshing ideas and techniques on how to successfully navigate the multiple deadly landmines being set by repressive governments and institutions in the quest to sustaining the advocacy for the fundamental human rights of the people.

Adegboyega said the parley would facilitate open discussions on the challenges and opportunities in reporting and advocating for human rights issues in Nigeria, featuring panel sessions and group discussions that would centre on:

“Sharing of experiences, best practices, and innovative strategies for effective collaboration;
challenges and opportunities in reporting and advocating for human rights issues in Nigeria; Explore avenues for creating sustainable partnerships between journalists and CSOs; emphasizing the shared responsibility of fostering a human rights-centric narrative;
Identify potential collaborative projects that can amplify the impact of both journalism and civil society initiatives; Conduct focused sessions to enhance the skills of journalists and CSOs in human rights reporting and advocacy; and Encourage the establishment of a collaborative network for ongoing dialogue and support.

According to Adegboyega, the parley will ultimately help facilitate Improvement in the existing understanding among participants regarding the role of journalism and civil society in upholding human rights principles; Enhanced skills and knowledge for journalists and CSOs, leading to more effective human rights reporting and advocacy; and and help prompts development of actionable plans for collaborative projects that contribute to advancing human rights causes in Nigeria.

” This interactive session is designed to be a catalyst for positive change, fostering stronger ties between journalists and civil society actors. By combining their unique strengths, we aim to create a more robust framework for promoting and protecting human rights in Nigeria,” he added.

Explaining that the partnership with the UN in the hosting of the workshop is a symbolic one, Adegboyega said it also serves as a global recognition for his organisation’s longstanding commitment to the human rights advocacy struggle in Nigeria.

The HRJN ED explained that, “It is important to be clear. Our (HRJN) collaboration with the United Nations, it is aimed at hosting a Media workshop focused on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). It is part of our activities to commemorate and assess the United Nations’ global impacts on its 75 years anniversary this year”.

According to him, the Workshop will feature various human rights and media experts and representatives from the United Nations Information Center, Office of the High Commission Human Rights and the National Human Rights Commission that will engage the participants through different sessions with the following subtopics as the focus points:

“Reflecting on the historical significance of the UDHR; assessing the current state of human rights globally: and exploring ways to strengthen advocacy and collaboration for human rights.

“No doubt this is an important training workshop for Nigerian Editors, Journalists and civic society to attend. This is so because our country that has consistently maintained a poor standing on global ranking for Human Rights Abuses.

“It is the job of the Journalists and civic society to continue to hold power accountable by exposing the various violations of the fundamental human rights of the people. Our job is to continue to amplify the issues, highlighting them for the local and global attention. It is also our job to support the various stakeholders to continue to do their job,” Adegboyega added.


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