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LightRay 100 Women in Leadership Virtual Summit: Empowering Women in Media

As Nigeria marks its decision to self-rule every October 1st, we at LightRay Media want to recognise and celebrate our Women in Media doing marvellous work behind and in front of the scenes, the impact they make in their role as storytellers of the news, their fight for justice, rights of humans: women, girls, children and men and their right to equity, equality in pay, promotions, opportunities, better welfare and more.

To mark Nigeria’s Decision to break away from the shackles of tyranny, rape and destruction of their cultural fabrics, their right to self rule and the need to push for the true hidden and untold African narratives, LightRay is hosting the first ever 100 Women in Newsrooms and The Media Virtual Leadership Summit coming up this week Friday, October 6th, 2023 as an Ode to also Champion the place of women leadership in the news room and media landscape.

By Roland Bayode

LightRay Media, a leading force in media and communications, is thrilled to announce the upcoming “100 Women in Leadership Virtual Summit.” This groundbreaking event is designed to celebrate, empower, and position women in media, from aspiring professionals to seasoned entrepreneurs, on a path to success.

As passionate communications practitioners, women have played an integral role in shaping the landscape of media in Nigeria. The Nigerian Constitution, in sections 22 and 29, recognizes their vital contributions as members of the Fourth Estate. However, the unique needs and challenges faced by women in media and its ecosystem often go unaddressed, hindering their pursuit of equity, equality, inclusivity, and advancement. The “100 Women in Leadership Virtual Summit” is a resounding response to these challenges. LightRay Media is extending an invitation to women across the media spectrum not to miss this exceptional opportunity. The summit promises a transformative experience, providing participants with a range of benefits:

Key Benefits of the Summit:

Building Leadership Capacity: Female reporters, whether in broadcast, print, online, or digital media, will gain valuable insights into assuming leadership roles within their newsrooms.

Gender Mainstreaming: Attendees will learn how to enhance their coverage and reporting of women and the girl-child in the news, fostering more inclusive and informed narratives.

Engaging Female Experts: Proactive strategies will be shared on how to involve more female experts as sources for news stories, enriching the quality of reporting.

Advocating for Representation: Participants will acquire advocacy skills to champion better representation of women in leadership positions within newsrooms and executive management.

Gender Policy Development: The summit will equip attendees with the tools and knowledge to develop and implement gender policies within their newsrooms and organizations.

Moreover, the first 100 women who register for this program will become eligible for our exclusive “Members Only Women in Media Hangout.” This intimate gathering will provide a platform for networking, exploring opportunities, and finding solutions to the issues and gaps identified during the summit. On the event day, there will be a formal adoption ceremony for the creation of a comprehensive workplace policy aimed at empowering women. A week later, on October 13th, we have another Zoom meeting scheduled where we will officially launch and adopt the policy. At this point, the policy becomes a public document to be sent and presented to media owners, management, and all staff members as their reference and guide.

Following this milestone, we will convene another round table discussion with the management, key stakeholders, and representatives from different organizations via Zoom. This session, scheduled for October 20th, will focus on gaining their buy-in and securing formal adoption.

LightRay Media is dedicated to creating an inclusive and thriving media environment where women are celebrated and empowered. The “100 Women in Leadership Virtual Summit” is a testament to our commitment to supporting women in their media careers, both nationally and on the international stage.

Event Details:
Date: Friday, October 6th, 2023.
Time: 11 AM
Location: Virtual Event on Zoom and Facebook (;

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a transformative experience. Register now and join us in celebrating and empowering the remarkable women who drive the media industry forward.

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About LightRay Media:

LightRay Media stands as a prominent and innovative multi-platform organization in Nigeria, with a dedicated focus on various facets of media development. Our multifaceted approach encompasses a wide range of activities, including media training and mentorship, efficient broadcast setup management, publication endeavors, baseline research, and the production of investigative longform reports. Furthermore, our mission extends to the promotion of African literature, comprehensive reporting, meticulous tracking, and archiving of legislative activities. We have a distinct flair for telling unique human interest stories and crafting policy-driven reports that resonate in the digital age.

At the core of LightRay Media’s mission is our commitment to women’s advocacy and empowerment. We champion women-centric themes and advancements while driving innovation in digital content creation. Additionally, we excel in public relations, adeptly manage news dissemination, and spearhead promotions within Nigeria’s creative sector. LightRay Media takes pride in being a prominent player in media, communications, civic intelligence and creative economy spaces, dedicated to amplifying diverse voices and shaping narratives. Our unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusivity underscores our drive to create a positive impact on the media landscape and society as a whole.

This Initiative is supported by the Report Women, Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


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