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My Report Women Female Leadership Programme and how my media career journey began – Folashade Ogunrinde, FRLP Awardee

In this interview with us at LightRay Media where we bring to the fore the extraordinary tales of women in media as we navigate the space of Nigerian women in Media in this project series, we meet Folashade Ogunrinde who dropped some jewels! She says, “You’ll come across people who would try to make you doubt your ability, but never permit that!” You hear a comment like that and you see passion and fire. You see drive and grit. You know that when you look at Folashade’s bookworm face, there’s more deeper within than meets the eyes.

And we found more! Enjoy the read.

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My Media Journey: When Media, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Meets, I’ve Got You Covered – Azeezat Adedigba Armah, REWON Winner

From uncovering pedophiles on the loose to driving advocacy for a unified Gender Law across Africa, to exposing sexually abused minors abandoned to roam free, and getting arrested unwittingly, Azeezat Adedigba Armah, is a journalist on a mission to become a Media Innovation Expert in the media development space. Her ability to balance overcoming a rare health challenge (Hyperemesis Gravidarum), work demands, family life, and her career goal is a story of sheer courage, grit, audacity and love for life.
In the fast changing world of the media ecosystem and value chain where AR (augmented reality) and AI (artificial intelligence) has come to hold sway like never before, challenging journalists’ skillset, expertise, and career prospects, she is going with the tide rather than against the direction technology is mutating into. Her expansive knowledge on the solutions to the challenges the Nigeria Media faces along with the global media landscape, to proffers insightful tips on what women in media can start doing differently to become both distinctive and outstanding. To listen to her speak is like listening to the Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka.
Enjoy this exciting ride with us just as we discovered the backstory of Azeezat Adedigba Armah and what makes her tick.

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