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Parents, CSOs urge Gov Oborewori to not only suspend but also sack Provost Oyovwi of College of Education, Warri

The increase in reports of assault and abuse within the sacred grounds of the academia by lecturers and their adminstrators is no longer news. What is news though, is that many of them get away with such abuse of power where they weild unimaginable influence and the code of “see no evil, speak no evil” is the mantra they live by.

As citizens’ awareness heightens about their rights alongside the domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act (VAPPA), parents and students alike are no longer keeping silent. The proverbial knee on the neck that leads to wailing: “I can not breathe”, is a shackle guardians and wards no longer can bear.

By admin , in Ignite Inside stories , at September 21, 2023

Following the alleged assault of Parents and Teachers by the provost of College of Education Warri, Chief Dickson Oyovwi, aggrieved parents of the pupils of the College of Education Nursery and Primary School have called on the governor of Delta State, His Excellency Hon. Sheriff Oborewori immediately removes the provost from the office over abuse of office and gross misconduct.

LightRay Media learnt that parents of the school protested on Monday in the school premises over the astronomical increase of fees and prices of books orchestrated by the said provost of the College of Education, Warri.

The provost who frowned at the protest allegedly assaulted the PRO of the Parents and Teachers Association, PTA in the school, and rained abuse on the parents of the school.

He reportedly banned the Parent-Teacher Association, PTA, and also threatened to expel pupils whose parents were accused of protesting against the current fees and cost of books in the school.

The aggrieved parents who spoke with our correspondent in confidence called for the sack of Chief Dickson Oyovwi, from the office for abuse of office and sought a probe of funds accrued to the school and COEWA for the period he had been in office.

The parents who urged the state government to launch a thorough investigation into the final dealings of the provost added that they would stage a “Dickson Oyovwi must go” protest if the governor refused to act.


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