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USAGM Commemorates World Press Freedom Day with Ejiro Umukoro’s ‘Distortion’

Rethinking victimhood, Umukoro advocates for a culture of mental resilience and emotional empowerment.

Press freedom and literature are interconnected in several ways, and foremost of which, is Freedom of Expression. Press freedom is a fundamental right that allows journalists and writers to express themselves without censorship or fear of retribution. Literature, as a form of creative expression, also relies on this freedom to explore ideas, themes, and stories without restriction.

Press Freedom and literature also interconnects with regards to Access to Information. A free press ensures that citizens have access to accurate and unbiased information, which is essential for informed public discourse. Literature, in turn, can provide unique perspectives and insights into the human experience, fostering empathy and understanding.

Press Freedom and literature is about Holding Power Accountable. Press freedom enables journalists to hold those in power accountable for their actions as clearly directed by Section 22 of the Nigeria constitution as an important requirement of journalists.

Literature can also serve as a means of social commentary and critique, challenging societal norms and political systems.

Press Freedom and literature is also about Cultural Preservation and Promotion. Literature is a vital part of cultural heritage, and press freedom helps ensure that diverse voices and stories are represented and preserved. This allows literature to continue shaping culture, influencing public opinion, and inspiring future generations.

Journalism as Literature allows the creative mental space for some journalists and writers to blend the lines between reporting and storytelling, using literary techniques to convey complex issues and human experiences. This intersection highlights the importance of press freedom in enabling writers to craft compelling narratives that inform and engage the public.

It is this reason, we believe inspired the United States Agency for Global Media to commemorate the World Press Freedom Day focused on bringing journalists from across the continents to discuss the book, DISTORTION by Ejiro Umukoro.

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