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Nigerians Alarmed as Loan App Intimidation Tactics Escalate Ahead of Festive Season

Threat to life is a criminal offense provided for in Section 56 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015. It states that a person who threatens to carry out the violence of attacking another person is guilty of a misdemeanor and can be jailed for one year.

While the criminal defamation under the Nigeria law clearly states that a defamation matter is defined in section 373 of the criminal code as a matter likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing the person to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or likely to damage any person in his or her profession or trade by injury to his reputation.

Despite these clearly defined laws, Nigerians across the 6 geopolitical zones are not spared the extreme tactics used by loan app operators on clients considered to have defaulted in their loan repayment.

However, loan app operators can not claim ignorance in their approach, resorting to high-handedness as the solution to loan recovery when they break the law to do so. Ignorance of the law does not afford any excuse for any act or omission which would otherwise constitute an offence, unless knowledge of the law by the offender is expressly declared to be an element of the offence.

As the yuletide season gear up and the end-of-year fever heightens with the drop in conscientious consumerism, LightRay Media carried out a survey to feel the pulse of Nigerians regarding the upsurge of extreme tactics by loan app managers and operator’s and their disregard for the rule of law.

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Grooming and Sexualisation of Children – Broken Girls and Broken Boys (Part 3)

The sexualisation of children is more rampant than ever before. In this report, by Ejiro Umukoro, a follow-up to her Pulitzer Centre Outbreak series, we trace back how the lockdown of 2020 recorded a spike in the surge of grooming and sexualisation of children.

While April 11 is marked every year as the day to protect the child, in 2023 however, child porn, sexual grooming and sexualisation of children continues to persist. This investigatve report uncovers the root causes, triggers, enabling factors and solutions to meeting the deadline for the prevention and stoppage of child abuses of all forms as mandated by the UNDP SDG goals on gender equality, peace, justice, and strong institutions.

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My Media Story: Journalists Need to be Aware of Hidden Self-Sabotage and Impostor Syndrome Against their Career Actualisation – Bukola Coker, City People, WSCIJ Award Winner

Bukola Coker is a journalist whose gentle mien could easily fool you, but don’t be mistaken by it. As a presenter, reporter, and producer with Channels TV, her media trajectory across national TV stations in Nigeria is a blazing trail of success one media story at a time. An Award Winner of the Report Women Leadership Programme by the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, she takes us on her journey in the media space, how she tackles on-line harrasment, exposes how many journalists are their own self-saboteurs, and a wealth of other great tips in this Special Exclusive Series on Nigerian Women in Media Project by LightRay Media.

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Freelance Journalists Have More Chances and Opportunities than Journalists in Established Media – Adesola Ikulajolu, DART 2023 Selected Fellow

Campus Journos in Nigeria are seizing the day. Many are no longer waiting to get a meager paid salary with legacy media organisations in the country as they set their sights on more audacious international fellowships, grants, and opportunities to hone their skills in raising the bar for themselves in the practice of media, communications and journalism.

One of such seasoned campus journo is Adesola Ikulajolu who recently was announced as the only Nigerian selected for the prestigious DART Centre Fellowship for the 2023 Early Childhood Global Reporting, a project by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New Yourk United States.

In this Special Edition of Nigerian Men in Media Project #NMiMP Series by LightRay Media, Adesola speaks from a place of burning hunger, his embers fueled with an unquenchable goal to outdo himself while also serving as a stepping stone to others. To know him is to immerse yourself in his journey into the media space in Nigeria.

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My Media Journey: If Journalism doesn’t Pay Well, it Won’t Attract the Best. Even if They come, They won’t stay – Kofoworola Belo-Osagie, Commissioning Editor

Kofoworola Belo-Osagie is a woman with her eyes focused both on the ball and the goal post. A self manager and manager of people and projects, she understands that for the Nigeria Media Ecosystem to thrive better and stronger, personnel development of staff across all beats, as well as their individualised development, is now non-negotiable if the industry hopes to retain the Cub Reporters of the Gen-Z generation to be inspired to work solely on passion compared to how the generations before them viewed their roles and contributions to Free and Accountable Press. Step into Kofoworola’s world with us in this Special Exclusive Series on Nigeria Women in Media #NWiMProject by LightRay Media.

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My Media Story: Media Owners Need to Pay Well, not Just Better – The Accidental Radio Anchor, Adenike Lanlehin

In the media circles in Nigeria, it is not uncommon to stumble on the accidental radio broadcaster, journalist, media freelancer or newscaster.

But what is not quite common is to see someone who left broadcasting, got married, began to raise a family and chose to return to the game. When we had a chance to meet with Adenike Lanlehin, a Broadcast Anchor and Newscaster with a strong flair for holding her own on the news and current affairs programme with Fresh FM 105.3 Lagos, she captured quite eloquently her remarkable journey of Becoming in this exclusive interview with us at LightRay Media for this Special Edition on Nigeria Women in Media #NWiM.

Giddy up and let’s take a ride with her, starting from the very beginning.

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