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LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy Document

“Unlike traditional guidelines, this policy is a dynamic response to the evolving dynamics within the media landscape. It equips media organizations with the tools and insights needed to ensure gender mainstreaming and cultivate a gender-balanced media environment. By fostering fairness, diversity, and equity in news reporting, the policy advocates for inclusivity at all levels of media management.” – President, Guild of Radio Managers (Private).

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To be a woman in leadership, you have to deliver and be consistent and pull up other women along – Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun

Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun’s command on radio gets you listening the first time you listen to her. She took on controversial topics and was not afraid in a courageous way to lay it straight when needed. From a dream when she was a young girl to become a lawyer, her path takes her exactly where her journey should be about. Currently the Head of Programmes, News Central, her skillset cuts across Corporate MC, Multimedia Broadcast Journalist, Media Consultant and Trainer.

As Head of Programmes, she oversees content, programming, scheduling, makeup, producers, video editors, graphics, library, and more. She also anchors on-air programmes, hosting the business show and exclusive interviews.

In this Special Exclusive Series of LightRay 100 Women in Media Leadership Policy Drive, she takes us on her remarkable journey in the media showing how important taking a career stock is a powerful way to reinvent one’s modest accomplishments, thoughts on new career trajectory(ies), and how to keep the passion alive. Why don’t you grab a seat and just travel with us in this interesting read, eh? (wink!)

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Period-poverty in Nigeria: women championing how to address unhygienic menstrual management practice

As young girls pass through the rites of passage into womanhood defined by the appearance of menstrual periods, many who live in disadvantaged communities, in extreme poverty, or poor countries where Maslow’s Law of hierarchy gives preemence to stomach survival rather than safe and hygienic menstrual cycle of girls and women has now become a cause for concern.

In this solutions journalism focused piece, we examine how period poverty is being addressed one step at a time in some parts of Nigeria by women taking action to address this gap.

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It takes a community that supports Women into Leadership Positions – Ugochi Oluigbo

Ugochi Oluigbo, is a passionate freelance environmental journalist recognised for her creative storytelling, insightful interviews, and engaging content around climate on TV and online. For Oluigbo, motherhood is a defining moment in a woman’s career trajectory. To excel and crash the glass ceiling, she explains women need all the support they can overcome imposed barriers to advance in their career. It takes a community of friends, familiar environment, spousal support, a great network of colleages and circle of influence she says to succeed, especially during the phase of early motherhood and parenthood.

Now learning French as her new language living in France, Oluigbo takes us on her remarkable journey in the media and the stories behind her many awards. One of the insights she shared with us is to always remember to draw the line between volunteerism and charging a fee as a financial changing mindset for more financial independence and success.

Grab a seat, pour some cool water into a glass and enjoy this special series of Women in Media Leadership Policy Drive supported by Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism, #ReportWomen and Gates Foundation.

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