Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Digital Content made easier with AI special features on YouTube

With new AI tools flooding the market, only content creators, journalists, writers, storytellers, educators, etc., who are not averse to technology as early adopters or AI natives will become relevant and successful in the next month to 10 years and beyond. AI is here to stay.

But what’s new?

YouTube has fully embraced AI by announcing multiple AI-driven features and tools aimed at enhancing the creator experience during its annual ‘Made on YouTube’ event.

Key Points:
YouTube plans to roll out AI-powered tools such as AI-generated backgrounds for videos, AI-assisted video topic suggestions, and a music recommendation system tailored to video descriptions.

“Dream Screen” will allow creators to have AI-generated videos and photos, created through prompts, as backgrounds for their YouTube Shorts—which essentially replaces many 3rd party editing apps.

They’ve also introduced an AI dubbing feature, which—developed with the expertise of the Aloud team from Google’s Area 120 incubator—will facilitate video dubbing into multiple languages.

Lastly, an AI feature in YouTube Studio will recommend video topics and structures based on current trends and they’re simplifying the Shorts process with a newly announced app named.

What is YouTube Create? Why you should care:

The increasing influence of AI on how creators engage with technology and their audiences is evident in this transition. With giants like YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and Meta leading the charge in AI advancements, it’s clear that the rest of the world will soon follow suit.

More details in Mia Sato’s report. She is a platforms and communities reporter with five years of experience covering the companies that shape technology and the people who use their tools here.


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