Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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International Day Of The Boy: Nigeria Urged To Nurture And Protect Nigeria’s Future Leaders

Boys Lives Matters. Any society that abadones its boys and sons is enabling a society of chaos. As we mark the International Day of the Boy, it has become imperative to uncover and spotlight the challenges and other threats boys growing to becoming men encounter.

The threats to boys’ lives in Nigeria cuts across endangered education enabled by poverty, terrorism, and poor infrastructure threaten access to quality education.

Other threats such as violent vulnerability are caused as a result of exposure to violence, terrorism, and armed conflicts puts boys at risk of injury, death, or recruitment as child soldiers. Poverty and exploitation enables child labor, trafficking, and economic exploitation deprive boys of their childhood and future prospects. Health hazards due to limited access to healthcare, malnutrition, and diseases like malaria and cholera pose significant threats to boys’ health.

Social Inequality as a result of gender stereotypes, discrimination, and cultural expectations can limit boys’ potential and perpetuate harmful masculine norms. Street life and crime leads to homelessness, gang violence, and criminal activity put boys at risk of harm, arrest, and imprisonment.

Mental Health Concerns related to trauma, stigma, and lack of support services can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Child Marriage and parenthood in situations where early marriage and fatherhood can trap boys in cycles of poverty and limit their opportunities.

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