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“I am Not Colonised”: Women Authors in Diaspora Challenge Existing African Narratives, Identity, Storytelling and Literary Legacies

The Power of Literary Influences: The undeniable force of literary influences shapes writers in profound ways. From childhood stories to classic novels, these formative experiences leave indelible marks on an author’s creative journey. Whether it’s the whimsical worlds of Roald Dahl or the poignant prose of Toni Morrison, these early encounters with literature mold a writer’s voice, themes, and style.

Acculturation and Mask-Wearing — the process of adapting to a new culture—often leads to complex identities. As individuals navigate cultural shifts, they may don metaphorical masks to fit in or protect themselves. These masks, however, can seep into their storytelling.

Writers grapple with the tension between authenticity and assimilation, resulting in narratives that sometimes feel strained or inauthentic. The struggle of writers’ block: Imagine a writer staring at a blank page, grappling with self-doubt and creative paralysis.

The weight of cultural expectations, personal history, and literary influences can contribute to this dreaded phenomenon known as writer’s block. The struggle to find one’s authentic voice amid societal pressures can be both isolating and frustrating.

Misunderstood Identities in Fiction and Non-Fiction sees writers often wrestle with portraying identities accurately. Misunderstandings arise when cultural nuances are oversimplified or misrepresented. Whether crafting fictional characters or penning memoirs, authors must navigate the delicate balance between universal truths and individual experiences. Authenticity matters, especially when addressing complex issues like colonization and identity.

Unveiling the Masks: “I Am Not Colonized” powerfully expressed by Lady E Ejiro Umukoro in a powerful webinar tagged: The Power of Your Book featuring international authors and publishers, bears upon our minds a clear rallying cry: “I am not colonized.” This call-to-action encourages writers to shed the masks imposed by history, society, and literary norms. By unveiling their true selves, authors can create narratives that defy stereotypes, challenge misconceptions, and celebrate diverse voices.

At LightRay! Media, we believe that every writer’s journey is unique, shaped by personal experiences, literary influences, and the courage to reveal their unmasked truth. Enjoy this special Power of Your Book 2024 Webinar.

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