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Reclaiming Our Stories: Lady Umukoro’s ‘Distortion’ Empowers African Voices in the Diaspora

The ‘Power of Your Book 2024’ showcases how empowering the voices of global authors in the disapora helps to unite and celebrate african literature and legacy

The African diaspora community, a global network of people of African descent living outside the continent, embodies a diverse array of cultures, histories, and identities. Today, this diaspora spans continents, making significant contributions to the arts, sciences, politics, and various aspects of society while maintaining a deep connection to their ancestral heritage.

Shaped by a complex history of migration, including the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, and voluntary migration in search of better opportunities, the African diaspora community is characterized by its rich cultural heritage, resilience, and strong sense of identity. Across the globe, members of this community have made notable contributions to various fields, shaping the world we live in today.

Lady Umukoro’s book, ‘Distortion’, is a prime example of Afro-futuristic storytelling, offering a fresh perspective on African stories from an African lens. The book’s impact and significance in the diaspora community will be explored in this feature story.

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