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Freelance Journalists Have More Chances and Opportunities than Journalists in Established Media – Adesola Ikulajolu, DART 2023 Selected Fellow

Campus Journos in Nigeria are seizing the day. Many are no longer waiting to get a meager paid salary with legacy media organisations in the country as they set their sights on more audacious international fellowships, grants, and opportunities to hone their skills in raising the bar for themselves in the practice of media, communications and journalism.

One of such seasoned campus journo is Adesola Ikulajolu who recently was announced as the only Nigerian selected for the prestigious DART Centre Fellowship for the 2023 Early Childhood Global Reporting, a project by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, New Yourk United States.

In this Special Edition of Nigerian Men in Media Project #NMiMP Series by LightRay Media, Adesola speaks from a place of burning hunger, his embers fueled with an unquenchable goal to outdo himself while also serving as a stepping stone to others. To know him is to immerse yourself in his journey into the media space in Nigeria.

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