Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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EXCLUSIVE: Rampant Ram Theft and Price Gouging Mar Eid-el-Kabir Celebrations in Nigeria

. . . As Nigerians mark Eid-el-Kabir, a News Investigation reveals widespread price inflation and theft of rams, traditionally sacrificed during the festival. Videos of naked men paraded for stealing rams aimed to deter the practice, but market sellers are accused of overpricing, fueling forced inflation.

Our investigation uncovered shocking price disparities: rams bought for N80,000 in Katsina were resold for N250,000 in Abuja, N600,000 in Warri and Benin, and N750,000 in Lagos. This exposé comes as Nigerians struggle with economic hardship, casting a shadow over the festivities.

Our reporter, Collins Odigie Ojiehanor, has the full story on how soaring food prices and economic struggles are dampening Eid-el-Kabir celebrations in Nigeria.

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Street Food: A Tasty Treat or a Toxic Trap? Balancing Convenience with Public Health

. . . As Nigeria’s Economic Woes Worsen, Citizens Turn to Street Food Amidst Soaring Inflation and Regulatory Vacuum.

In a country grappling with economic crisis, runaway inflation, and rampant governance failures, Nigerians are increasingly resorting to street food as a desperate measure to sustain themselves. With the formal economy in shambles and regulatory frameworks in disarray, the allure of readily available and affordable street food has become a bitter sweet reality for many.

As the purchasing power of citizens continues to dwindle, the demand for street food has skyrocketed, forcing buyers to overlook concerns about safety and hygiene in pursuit of a filling meal. The proliferation of street food vendors, unregulated and unlicensed, has become a stark reminder of the government’s failure to address the socio-economic woes plaguing the nation.

In this investigative report, we delve into the world of street food in Nigeria, exposing the dire consequences of poor governance, economic mismanagement, and the human cost of a nation in crisis.

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International Day Of The Boy: Nigeria Urged To Nurture And Protect Nigeria’s Future Leaders

Boys Lives Matters. Any society that abadones its boys and sons is enabling a society of chaos. As we mark the International Day of the Boy, it has become imperative to uncover and spotlight the challenges and other threats boys growing to becoming men encounter.

The threats to boys’ lives in Nigeria cuts across endangered education enabled by poverty, terrorism, and poor infrastructure threaten access to quality education.

Other threats such as violent vulnerability are caused as a result of exposure to violence, terrorism, and armed conflicts puts boys at risk of injury, death, or recruitment as child soldiers. Poverty and exploitation enables child labor, trafficking, and economic exploitation deprive boys of their childhood and future prospects. Health hazards due to limited access to healthcare, malnutrition, and diseases like malaria and cholera pose significant threats to boys’ health.

Social Inequality as a result of gender stereotypes, discrimination, and cultural expectations can limit boys’ potential and perpetuate harmful masculine norms. Street life and crime leads to homelessness, gang violence, and criminal activity put boys at risk of harm, arrest, and imprisonment.

Mental Health Concerns related to trauma, stigma, and lack of support services can lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Child Marriage and parenthood in situations where early marriage and fatherhood can trap boys in cycles of poverty and limit their opportunities.

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